Befriend Mentoring Program

The Befriend Mentoring Program is a mentoring ministry outreach operated by Oasis Counseling International. Ground-breaking in its design, Befriend has joined faith-based principles with a family-oriented mentoring program. We seek to match “at-risk” families and individuals with caring and capable mentor families and individuals from local churches in our community.

Befriend was developed to offer an additional level of support for families and individuals going through the counseling process. The primary focus of Befriend is to serve those in counseling, but has since expanded to accept referrals for all considered “at risk”. The staff of the Befriend Program seeks families and individuals to meet with a family or individual experiencing challenges at least one hour a week. The match is to last for six months but may extend longer if both parties would like. Since Oasis is “faith based”, the mentor is encouraged to invite the mentee to join with them in an additional level of support, a local church.

The Befriend Mentoring Program rests on three foundations: the local church, the community, and the mentoring relationship.

  • THE CHURCH Local churches provide outstanding resources that are often overlooked. Churches that foster strong marriages, encourage caring parents, and help grow healthy families are foundational to our community.
  • THE COMMUNITY Community Resources and the church community produce active and informed citizens who take ownership in their communities. Such focus helps shape our communities to have thriving economies and commerce and declining crime rates and poverty.
  • THE RELATIONSHIP Relationships are key. The real relationships that are formed by the Befriend Mentoring Program are what will sustain “hurting” people as they strengthen and grow.

Befriend hopes to bridge the gap between the need for an “at risk” persons continuing and vital support and diminishing subsidized funding. Befriend is a channel to bring hurting and helping people together. Through your help, Befriend can make the difference in your community, one family at a time.