Better Living Series Seminars

The Better Living Series covers many topics of interest to the community. These talks allow the public to visit Oasis Counseling and hear our staff speak on areas of their expertise. The topics for the 2006 season currently include the following:

Single & Satisfied

  • Discuss creative ideas for meeting the single’s social needs.
  • Learn how to have a healthy identity as a single.

Parenting the Adolescent

  • For many parents, their child’s adolescent years bring them face-to-face with their own unfinished business.
  • Learn how to put the “safety locks” on your buttons so your adolescent can’t push them.

Preparing Teens for Safe Dating

  • Learn how to prepare your adolescent child to be aware of the possible risks when dating.
  • Specific things your child can do when confronted with these risks.

Taking the Stress Out of Our Family

  • Stress can be summarized as a state of mind.
  • Learn new and fresh ways of looking at your family’s needs and the multiple tasks involved in meeting them.