Core Beliefs & Values

Oasis Counseling International exists to facilitate the restoration of people to their full God-designed potential.

Core Values

  1. Ministry

    We believe that God has compassion for and desires to reach out to people with mental health needs. It is also believed that this ministry is from God and that we need to join Him where He is actively working. We also have determined that we need to daily depend on God and His resources to fulfill this ministry.

  2. Holistic Treatment

    We believe that God changes people from the inside out. Therefore we offer a holistic model of treatment that includes the spirit, soul and body. The spiritual dimension of our model is Judeo-Christian in its perspective. If someone chooses not to include the spiritual dimension we generally use a method that is cognitive behavioral in its approach.

  3. Character

    We seek to create an oasis for clients through demonstrating the virtues of truth, honesty, faith, hope, compassion, responsibility, self denial and love.

  4. Teamwork/Collaboration

    We believe that the most effective treatment is done in a team approach where differing focuses and levels of expertise and differing personalities can be actively working together to result in a fuller more balanced insight and treatment for our clients. We also believe that the need for teamwork and collaboration is also true for those providing community services and desire to work in unison with them as well.

  5. Clinical Excellence/Research

    We believe in the value and dignity of each because they are created by God. From this premise we believe that each person deserves excellence in the treatment that we provide. This excellence should include all dimensions of their treatment from how they are treated by support staff to their clinical diagnosis and documentation. Research should also be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our programs and clarify if we are achieving the outcomes that we desire from our services.